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The Meridian Smartbus®

“Eurovans®”[yur-oh /väns/] – A term coined by Meridian Specialty Vehicles to describe those tall, skinny, funny-looking vans that have been used in Europe on every other continent around the world outside of North America for over 50 years, that are now becoming available in the U.S.

While Americans are just now starting to adopt the Eurovan platform, European companies such as  Mercedes Benz, Ford, Iveco, Fiat, Volkswagen, Renault, Opel, Peugeot, Citroen and many of their Asian counterparts have standardized on these tall and efficient platforms to provide services ranging from buses and luxury vans to delivery vehicles, ambulances, refrigerated vans, vocational use and other special applications.

With the advent of the American van reaching its end of life (bye-bye Econoline), coinciding with the introduction of several Eurovan platforms, Meridian is committed to specializing in the upfitting and modification of the Eurovan into our Smartbuses

Why Smartbus?

Meridian has chosen the Eurovan as the standard for its Smartbus® platform because, well, it’s smart!  While slightly narrower than American vans, the Eurovans are HUGE inside and simply outperform the Ford Econoline and Chevrolet Savana in virtually every measureable way.

Why is Meridian’s Smartbus so smart?  When compared to the largest, most capable Ford or GM full-sized van, our standard Smartbus has:

  • Two Times the interior volume,
  • Two feet of increased interior headroom,
  • Four feet longer passenger area,
  • 1,000 pounds more payload capacity,
  • Seats as many as 4 additional passengers comfortably (up to 19 PAX),
  • Over two times the real-world fuel mileage (19 MPG vs. 6-9 MPG),
  • Over three times the service interval (10,000 mile oil changes vs. 3,000 miles)
  • An engine with over twice the expected life…

Now That’s Smart!

At Meridian your passengers’ and employees’ safety is second to none.  Every Meridian bus has been built to meet or exceed all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS ), including seating and 3-point seatbelt safety standards – you might be surprised how many of our competitors buses do not meet these standards!  Without complete and proper testing, no manufacturer has any idea what will happen to passengers belted into their seats in an accident – this is not a corner you want to cut and certainly one that Meridian would never consider.

Second only to safety, Meridian strives to provide the most comfortable riding experience for your passengers.  Our standard cabin air conditioning and heating systems are oversized, providing for comfortable temperatures in the most demanding environments (remember, we’re located in Montana and Las Vegas – we know extreme!), our standard seats are high-end, our custom LED interior lighting is standard and second to none in design elegance and function, backup cameras and monitors are standard and we build in all of these features on one of the worlds’ most comfortable and stable, ESP-equipped chassis with the highest payload available.

Shuttle Bus Specifications

Engine Type 3.0L V6 BlueTEC Diesel
Horsepower @ RPM 188@3,800
Torque @ RPM 325@1,400
Transmission Type Automatic, 5-Speed, Overdrive
Interior Standing Height (inches) 74
Cargo Volume (cubic feet) 547
Overall Length (inches) 289.2
Overall Width (inches) 79.7
Overall Exterior Height (inches) 125
Wheelbase (inches) 170.3
Side Door Opening Height/Width (inches) 77 / 36
Rear Door Opening Height/Width (inches) 72.4 / 61.6
Interior Cabin Area Volume (cubic feet) 547
ABS – All Wheels Standard
ESP/ESR (Electronic Stability Program) Standard
Dual-circuit Hydraulic Brakes Standard
Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS) Standard
Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD) Standard
Brake Assist (BAS) Standard
Three-point Seat Belts for Driver and Front Passenger Standard
Seat Belt Warning System for Driver’s Seat Standard
Driver Airbag Standard
Passenger Airbag Standard
Keyless Entry (Remote Lock & Unlock) Standard
Power Windows Standard
Remote control Locking Standard
Front and Rear Mud Flaps Standard
Shelf Above Windshield Standard
Start Off/Hill Climb Assist Standard
Jump Start Terminal Standard
White Exterior Paint Standard
Fuel Tank (gallons) 26.4
Curb Weight (lbs.) 7120
Maximum Payload (lbs.) 3910
Towing Capacity (lbs.) 5000
Adjustable Steering Wheel for Height and Reach Standard
Outside Temperature Gauge Standard
Power Front Windows Standard
Multi-Function Remote Standard
Tinted Glass Standard
Sound System Standard
Rear Doors (opening degrees) 270
Tire Diameter 16
All Season Tires Standard
Halogen Headlamps Standard
Full Size Spare Tire and Jack Standard
Basic Chassis Warranty (Months) 36
Diesel Engine Warranty (Months) 60
Diesel Engine Warranty Miles 100,000
Powertrain Warranty (Months) 36
Powertrain Warranty Miles 36,000
Outer-Body Anti-Corrosion Warranty (Months) 60
Roadside Assistance (Months) 36
Limited Upfit Waranty (Months) 24
Rear Air Conditioner/Heater Roof-Mount 40,000 / 27,500 BTU Standard
Air Conditioner / Heater Boost Engine High Idle Feature
Curb-Side Passenger Entry Door 77″ x 36″ Electric Bi-Fold Door Standard
Dual Entry Grab Assist Rails 2
Passenger Cabin Lighting LED – High / Low Switched – Low Profile Standard
Stepwell Lighting LED Standard
Luggage Rack Rear, Standard
Insulated Passenger Cabin Nominal R-11 Rating
Roof Escape Hatch Standard (FMVSS Compliant)
Wheel Type Steel Wheels with Stainless Steeel Wheel Covers
Back-Up Camera Integrated Infrared / Color Camera Standard
Stereo Upgrade 6.2″ Touchscreen DDIN Stereo with Integrated, Automatic Back-Up Monitor and Six Speakers
FMVSS Compliance FMVSS 207, 209, 210 (3PT), 217, 302, 403, 404 Compliant
Flooring Altro Transfloor Meta Standard
Rear Passenger Seating Freedman
OE High Idle Kit Standard, For Maximum Aux. AC & Heat


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